Zero Waste!

Reducing waste always starts with reducing consumption. My wife and I have worked very hard these last few years to buy 2nd hand when possible -- furniture, car, clothes, books, etc. We also try to donate items we no longer have need for to groups that re-purpose or recycle. We also make sure to keep re-usable bags of various sizes in our cars so that we never go shop w/out one and I cannot remember the last time we had to take a plastic or paper bag for groceries including produce. We also try to avoid buying items that are excessively wrapped especially if there is plastic that can be avoided.

Besides reducing consumption, we also compost and recycle at our curb, visit the HC Waste Drop Off sites when needed, and have used companies like TerraCycle and Ridwell to recycle difficult to recycle items when possible.

I am very impressed that HC has 45% recycling and or composting, that seems very good for locations outside CA and we should be proud of this and continue to work towards zero-waste, too!

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Janet1955 over 2 years ago
@Dad4theFuture  Thank you for sharing the story of your home waste reduction.  We are encouraged and motivated for change in our own lives. 
Amy Maas over 2 years ago
Thanks for posting- it sounds like you're doing a great job on your personal consumption and waste!

I'm sharing a link to the Hennepin County drop-off sites if others are looking for more information: