Utilize TerraCycle and Encourage Businesses to Do the Same

Having undergone a waste audit at our house, I've begun for look for ways to minimize our consumption of certain products and to find ways to recycle those that can't go in curbside recycling. I'm using a number of free TerraCycle (https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/) programs to recycle things we can’t put in curbside bins. For example, one program allows recycling of snack pouches and caps. In addition to collecting what my family goes through, I have a bin on my porch where so neighbors and folks in my Buy Nothing group can can drop off thus minimizing the number of people shipping items back to TerraCycle for recycling.

There are a few places that offer TerraCycle zero-waste recycling bins, but I would love to see even more businesses using them (for everything from art supplies to salon materials) so we can keep even more items out of landfill. Maybe there is some kind of incentivized program the county could offer...

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Admin Commented Lianna Goldstein over 2 years ago
Another very cool program! Thanks for sharing Nicole. Keep up the great work!