Organics, avoid plastic

I started Organics recycling last year and was thrilled to hear that it is required in Hennepin County; I previously composted plant matter (not meat and dairy items.) We also recycle glass, cans and non-black plastics, and try to avoid purchasing plastics, which is hard now that the food manufactures have gone from glass to plastic containers. It is difficult to impossible to find salad dressing, catsup, drinks in non-plastic containers. (V8 and tomato juice is now mostly in plastic instead of cans and it tastes gross.) One waste prevention action I haven't taken is to bring my own container for leftovers when I eat out.

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Admin Commented Lianna Goldstein over 2 years ago
Hi Mocha what a great idea to bring your own container for leftovers when you eat out. Perfect way to reduce takeout packaging! Keep up the great work! 
B over 2 years ago
I think organic pickups r a hair-brained idea. Another large container to put a couple bones in every week I'm going to have a great big truck drive down the roads every week picking basically nothing up people should just compost or bring their own stuff in when needed. I've had a container from Waste Management for 3 months I haven't put anything in it yet and yet I get charged no choice.