Hold Businesses Accountable

As individuals, we can do so much together. However, we cannot underestimate the power that business and commerce plays in creating barriers to sustainability. I compost at home but I don't have the option to do so at work. As someone who works in food service, it is so hard to watch things that I know would make beautiful and wholesome soil get thrown into the trash. Can the city require composting in restaurants?
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Amy Maas over 2 years ago
Hi Carlyn, 

Hennepin County does have an ordinance that requires some businesses to manage food scraps separately from trash. I am linking a "how to comply" guide below that explains which businesses must separate their food scraps and how to be in compliance with Ordinance 13.  https://www.hennepin.us/-/media/hennepinus/business/recycling-hazardous-waste/organics/how-to-comply-guide-2019.pdf

If you find that your workplace should be in compliance, the county has some assistance that can help it get started! Check out https://www.hennepin.us/businessorganics for more information on grant programs, free signs and stickers, and educational materials.  

Here's a direct link to get in touch with our business recycling specialists with any questions or for advice.